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Online stores have come up with strategies for increasing sales and reaping more profits from their virtual businesses. There are many strategies that these businesses use, but one of them is the provision of coupons. A coupon is simply a voucher that allows its holder to get a discount for buying a specific product. This article highlights and elaborates on some of the best sites for coupons whenever shopping online.

a)   eBates

This site allows you to get 3-10% cash- back on many online stores. The goodness of the site is that even if you miss a coupon on what you want, you are assured of paying less of your product.


The platform provides numerous coupons from various stores and targets the American market. You only need to key in zip info about your location, and you will get the stores providing coupons for specific products you want. You print out the coupon, take it to the store and enjoy a discount for the product you’ve bought.

c)    RetailMeNot

This is a great site for coupons featuring various stores. They have a virtual community where members share info on how coupons work and members can tender their coupons for discounts. They also have an app and features coupons for more than 100 local and virtual stores.

d)   Redpum

This is an online version of the Red Plum book that is seen in newspapers or sent to your mail. Most of their coupons are issued on Sunday, and it is essential to check out on what they on Sunday.

  1. e) The Krazy Coupon Lady

This site is run by two ladies and informs those who want to use coupons on how they are used. The site accepts coupons from all the local and virtual stores.

  1. f) Flamingo World

With Flamingo World, you do not need to register with them for you to enjoy coupons access. Just visit the website and find the coupons you want to copy the promotional code and shop with it. There is also the printing coupon option which ensures you can use it offline.

  1. g) Living Social

This site supports local shopping as it brings your coupons code from your local stores. It has thousands of different local stores promo and discount codes.


The above coupon sites help you save money when shopping. You can enjoy other services such as free shipping on top of reduced prices. Combine offers and discounts to save as much as possible.

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